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So this Summer anime season seems to have a pretty decent start since the Spring anime season blew everyone away with My Hero Academia, Re;Zero, Kiznaiver, Space Patrol Luluco, Bungou Stray Dogs and JoJo Part 4. But I think the Summer season might be a bit as good as the Spring season.

I did not watch nearly all the animes in this season for different reasons whether it was airing another season of an anime or I don't any interest in it.

There are a few animes that I really enjoyed, most I found decent and a couple I find really terrible and I will talk about each one that I've seen in this season.

Berserk (2016)
Studio Millepensee
Episodes watched:2
I'm currently watching the 1997 anime as I watch this. I honestly don't it'll be as good as the '97 anime, but I do still think it has potential to be good. It seems to be animated in 3D while the flashbacks that Guts (or maybe the anime) gets is animated is in 2D which the first time I saw this started to hate it, but i completely warmed up to it. The 3D to me looks decent but does look kinda jaggy and a bit stupid at certain moments but I don't mind it at all. Guts still looks awesome no matter what and I hope he stays like that which he will unless the writing takes a fucking nose dive which I hope it won't. I like the OP even though most people don't. I think it looks cool and I like the song. The first episode wasn't good, but the second episode did redeemed itself a little and I hope the writing does get better as the episodes go by.

Masou Gakuen HxH
Production IMS
Episodes watched:1
I get reminded of Valkyrie Drive a little since I watched Masou Gakuen HxH and I feel like pounding my head on the table the thought of someone getting power by getting groped till climax is freaking stupid. I know there's like one character that I like since this cast already looks forgettable. The writing looks shit and it is. I just don't really like this anime and I wanna talk less about it till I finish this.

Love Live Sunshine
Episodes watched:2
I'm really enjoying Sunshine and I love these characters even though some are kinda similar to some of the characters from the characters from the first Love Live. The songs that have been shown as its airing are pretty nice and I can't wait to hear more. And just like the first one, Our main characters try to become school idols to save their school from closing and probably get to be in Love Live or something like that and one (and maybe a couple more characters) want to be idols cuz they where inspired by u's. I get the feeling that Sunrise is trying to outdo themselves with the facial expressions in Sunshine. I love the designs of these girls especially You and Ruby. The comedy is freaking hilarious as expected and its super cute and I swear to god that this show's cuteness is gonna kill me once it ends and maybe make me tear up a little. I'm excited about it and I hope it does as well as it goes by and I hope everyone gets to watch Love Live Sunshine immediately.

I will be making parts of my first impressions of the Summer season probably around the week till I'm done discussing all the animes I have watched. So I hope you'll get to read more of my first impressions as I type them and I finish them (Or not)

To be continued in Part 2
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July 13, 2016


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